31 January 2016

A Few Canadians Who'd Prolly Be A Better US President Than Ted Cruz

1. Celine Dion  2. Canadian Club Whiskey  3. Atomic Betty  4. Gordie Howe
5. Lorne Greene  6. Klondike Kat  7. Canadian Bacon  8. Ferguson Jenkins
9. Caillou  10. William Shatner  11. Dudley Do-Right

23 August 2015

Last of the 'toons

♫Jimmy...Jimmy Gilmore...King of the wild frontier...♫

Scott Walker...born to be mild...

Nice form, Piyush...and finally...

...Mister One-Man-Band from Ohio!

09 August 2015

Still more 'toons!

Didn't even bother colorizing this one...he's about as exciting
as a mashed potato sandwich...

...our favorite former CEO (after The Donald, of course)...

...look who Marco is bringin' to the dance!

Come back here, ya pig-stealin' varmit!

01 August 2015

More 'toons!

I'm sure the elephant is hoping that's an ORAL thermometer Dr. Carson's got...

...and speaking of doctors...what's that on our eye guy-turned-U.S. Senator
has on his chart?

Here's the Governor enjoying a few snacks on the Jersey Shore...

She's not running for anything anymore (we hope), but meet America's newest superhero!

27 July 2015

ASB is Back...and we gots cartoons!

Hello again kiddies...after a brief sabbatical, I have returned to my favorite non-working activity, namely, poking a finger in the eye of all things political and cultural. And just ahead of next year's clown show  Presidential election, a series of cartoons featuring those wacky folks who think they should become the next Most Powerful Person On The Planet. Here's our first batch:

Texas' favorite former governor/drugstore cowboy...
the glasses make him smarter, too!

If there really is such a thing as karma...

All "eyes" are on the Kentucky Senator

The patron saint of hot air

Thanks again, Canada...

I know, she's not a candidate...but I just can't get enough of Snow Snookie!