29 April 2012

This and that...

President Obama at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner on Saturday, April 28:

Funny stuff. Of course his material is penned by professional writers, but it takes takes talent to deliver that material effectively and with humor (especially when he's making fun of himself). And it's nice to see a President who takes his duties seriously, but feels comfortable enough in his own skin to enjoy letting loose occasionally. 
Mitt Romney having another one of those "hey, it worked for me" moments:

(Boy, I wish I would've thought of this before my folks passed away)
Science and religion duke it out in a small town southwest of Fort Worth, Texas.
The strange phenomenon of hipster racism.
Who's the all-time greatest Dean?

A. James Dean
B. Dean Wormer (from the movie National Lampoon's Animal House)
C. Dean Martin
D. Dizzy Dean
The Kellybee Tweet of the Week:

20 April 2012

The Adventures of Time Travelin' Mitt Part 3

On Friday, February 24, 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivered what was billed as a major economic policy speech in Detroit. The story, however, became the thousands of people disguised as
empty seats inside Ford Field:

Undaunted, our hero climbs into his recently repaired Temporal Transporter to find the ideal,
enthusiastic audience...

You guessed it...it's time for

*actual quote.

19 April 2012

"...it was black and white and smelled like fish..."

  Newt Gingrich by DonkeyHotey

As if things weren't going south fast enough for Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich...on Friday, March 13 has was bitten by a penguin in St. Louis. This news immediately made me think of some famous penguins who may have had it in for the former House Speaker:

Opus (from the comic strip Bloom County)
Although generally sweet-natured, he's easily the most liberal in this group, and wouldn't mind taking a nip at Bill Clinton's nemesis for old times' sake.

Chilly Willy
Woody Woodpecker's pal is way too nice...he's just looking for a place to warm his tailfeathers.

Sidney Crosby
The Pittsburgh center isn't a real penguin, of course, and being Canadian means he probably doesn't even
know or care who Gingrich is.

Willie The Kool Cigarettes Penguin
Sadly, Willie suffers from emphysema after all those decades of sucking on menthols, and can barely walk
a few steps without collapsing into a hacking, weezing heap.

Sparky (from the comic strip This Modern World)

Tom Tomorrow's snarky little waddler has made no secret of his disdain for the former House Speaker.

Tennessee Tuxedo

Although he doesn't have anything against Gingrich personally (since he's most likely a Republican), he'd do it just because it would make him famous.

Danny DeVito or Burgess Meredith as The Penguin (from Batman)

C'mon, this guy's a super-criminal...biting a politician is way too penny-ante.

Pablo (from the TV series The Backyardigans)

Sure, he looks cute and likes to sing and dance...but underneath that beanie lies the heart of an

10 April 2012

Y'all Knew I Was Gonna Have Fun With This...

Seems TV's most outrageous talking head has a new playroom...a refurbished movie set decorated to look like the Oval Office during the Kennedy Administration:

Hey, why stop there, Beckster? Here's a few more sets you can add to your collection:

the USS Enterprise bridge from Star Trek

the bar from Cheers

The Ponderosa from Bonanza

the junkyard from Sanford and Son...

the apartment from I Love Lucy

04 April 2012

Live Long And Prosper!

  Well, at least now the Obama Conspiracy Club can't accuse the President of secretly being a Klingon or Romulan...he's obviously a Federation guy:

President Obama and Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame flash a
Vulcan salute during her visit to the White House in February 2012.

  Ms. Nichols Tweeted that President Obama admitted as a youngster he had a crush
on Lt. Uhura. I can dig that, BHO...

03 April 2012

This and That...

●Sure is comforting to know that lawmakers in The Volunteer State got their priorities straight.

●Sarah Palin may have finally found her true calling....vacuous TV chat show host.

The kids over at The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon are having fun with this, as you might imagine...we just can't get enough of Governor Goodhair.

●Admit it, America...we got a smokin' First Lady. Could Dolly Madison rock metallic skinny jeans?
First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards

●Speaking of fashion statements...check out the socks on 41:
Mitt Romney, former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush

●Notice how many of the speakers at this "freedom" rally in Washington last week receive government healthcare benefits?

Quick, somebody think of a word that sounds like nig!

Political Cartoon by John Cole in the Columbia Daily Tribune